Transform your location choices into a strategic advantage

Optimize your location network using data

Make well-informed decisions, track performance and optimize your current location network with our platform including AI-based analytics.

LocaRetail benefits

Location Planning

Looking to expand your location network? Use our platform to make the right decisions.

Network Insights

Gain new insights in your current location network to make better informed decisions.


Improve your marketing efficiency by tailoring your message based on geodata.

Plan your location network with confidence

Maximize Your Location Potential

Location is key to the success of your business. Our location planning solutions help you answer the most critical questions:

  • What are the most promising areas for opening a new location?
  • How big will the effect on revenue be if you open, shut down, relocate, or reduce the size of your locations?
  • What will be the most efficient network for future operations?
Visualize and predict relevant KPI’s for your future locations by using different data-layers.

Examine the relationship of your locations and make informed decisions

Optimize Your Current Branch Network

Discover your competitors’ influence, detect untapped areas and minimize cannibalization. Find answers to questions like:

  • What is the potential of each location?
  • Which locations are performing better or worse and why?
  • What are steps to improve your stores’ performance?

We keep track of the effects of each decision made, allowing you to continuously optimize your current branch network.

Connect with customers through the appropriate channel

Run Efficient Local Marketing Campaigns

Run efficient local marketing campaigns and make informed decisions quickly. We combine location and business data with regional market insights so you can:

  • Optimize your content, message and channels
  • Determine the best marketing strategy for each store
  • Evaluate the effect of new media in different areas
  • Harmonize your marketing message with the surrounding environment

LocaRetail allows you to drive business success and make informed decisions quickly.

Download free infographic

How to optimize and understand your retail organization

In this infographic you’ll learn how to optimize your retail organization by utilizing new insights in your environment using data. 

  • Learn how to get to know your environment 
  • Discover how to simulate various strategic options
  • Find out how you can predict your future revenue

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